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Fila 2022

Fila naočare za vid 2023

Since 1911, FILA has been an icon of elegance and Italian style in sports.

Sports are synonymous with incredible performances, last-minute victories. The joy of triumph after hard training. Though sports represent also a lifestyle, comfort. FILA, which has always witnessed amazing results, perfectly mirrors this awareness.

The simple and essential collections from FILA Eyewear decisively opt for convenience and functionality, proposing “active” sports models alongside more fashionable ones, always in line with the young and sporty style of the brand’s targe

FILA presents an eyewear collection characterised by audacity and recognisability. The en-vogue element is present throughout, in a perfect balance between tradition and modernity, practicality and fashion. The most explosive of models flaunt bold colours and are characterised by a futuristic and sporty design that pays homage to the world of tennis.

Pop colour contrasts, fluorescent inserts and mirrored effects express the true essence of FILA’s modern-day image: never predictable, always surprising. The brand’s DNA is combined with all things contemporary, breathing life into a young, irreverent and unisex style that stands out for its uniqueness.

The use of the FILA logo in all of its forms, drives brand recognisability and re-affirms the strong connection with the clothing collections. It is precisely this detail – the red (and blue) line – that evokes urban, functional and elegant styles, as well as classic models with a simple yet sophisticated design, for distinctive, easy wearability.

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