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Fila 2022

FILA Sun 2022

Since 1911, FILA has been an icon of elegance and Italian style in sports.

Sports are synonymous with incredible performances, last-minute victories. The joy of triumph after hard training. Though sports represent also a lifestyle, comfort. FILA, which has always witnessed amazing results, perfectly mirrors this awareness.

The simple and essential collections from FILA Eyewear decisively opt for convenience and functionality, proposing “active” sports models alongside more fashionable ones, always in line with the young and sporty style of the brand’s targe

FILA and the new collection. Audacity and recognisability are the characteristics that identify the new frames from the spring/summer collection. Once again, the Brand becomes the subject of Style and Original Identity. The variety of proposals is both extensive and surprising. Heritage, with classic and clean lines dedicated to brand devotees; Performance, for athletes who seek maximum resilience and practicality; Lifestyle, where more en-vogue combinations in terms of style and materials reign supreme. The brand’s DNA takes centre stage, resulting in a truly head-turning style owing to its uniqueness and unabashed desire to make a statement, utilising the FILA logo in all of its many interpretations. Young, irreverent and inclusive, this collection complements the distinctly unisex offering and presents a range of women’s prescription styles for the very first time.

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