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Hickmann 2022

Hickmann naočare za vid 2021

The Hickmann eyewear collection is dedicated to young, fashion-conscious women who are eager to build a unique, personal style composed of clothing, accessories and ideas that can be combined and matched without restraints, creating transversal, unprecedented fashion languages and codes.

Launched in 2013 and inspired by Brazil’s natural beauty and soul, Hickmann Eyewear collections are an essential style complement,characterized by flawles and sophisticated design, up-to-date shapes, original colors and avant-garde materials. An absolute“ must-have“ for real fashionistas.

The brand embodies the feminine woman, with a bold, strong and remarkable personality.

The beginning of the new season comes with new colors and new details. A wide variety of shapes from square, oval and cat eye to oversize retro shapes are adapted for business occasions and for casual variant. All models are available in three different colors.

Click on the link to see the new collection:

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