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T-Charge 2022

T-Charge eyewear was originally designed having in mind a classic man who values technology, more than design. The T standed for Titanium and Tehnology as the brand goal was to be recognized for its high-end materials.

2016 was the year of change. The brend reinvented itself and launched in Europe a new collection focused on Design, fitting multiple styles and targeting consumers with great sense of style, the trendsetters who dare to look different from the rest.

Today,T-Charge represents the perfect fusion between a timeless look and an eclectic taste.

T-Charge Eyewear is for a man who appreciates creativity, originality and fashion details at an affordable price.

T-Charge is not just glasses, it is a brand that stands out for its quality, attention to detail and bold style.

The collection is divided into three style segments Slim, Strong & Design.

Slim, for those who like a trendy but eclectic style, extremely thin with light titanium handles.

Strong, for a man who enjoys bold, large glasses in thin plastic and Design for those who are looking for a designed style and different combinations of materials such as plastic and light titanium.

Click on the link to see the new collection:

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